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Create a free website using website builder. Customize your site with high quality templates in Sitez' free website creator, no coding skills needed. Choose a design, begin customizing and be online today. With for Android you can build a website that is Responsive across all platforms. Your website will look stunning in Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. Who can use the Easy Web Site Builder?Almost everybody can use the easy site builder. You can choose our themes or add your own images to give your website a personalized look. You can make personal websites or a business website or an eCommerce store website. FAQ for the Mobile website creator?1) Do you offer themes with your website maker?Yes, the site builder includes intuitive themes to match your business. You can also add your own background images to personalize your website.2) Are the website made using Sitez responsive?Yes, all websites published using Sitez website maker are responsive. They work perfectly on Mobiles, Tablets and PCs. On Pcs you can access HTML5 websites.3) Is the site builder easy to use?With Sitez website creating is very easy. You do not require any coding to technical skills to make a stunning looking website. Your website will be online with just a few clicks. 4) Can I add own images in Gallery?Yes, you can add your own images in the gallery. You can either select images from your mobile or you can directly click images from your mobile camera. 5) I have products that I wish to sell; can I add a Store to my website?Sitez website builder for Android offer built it store for all your eCommerce needs. You can add products with images and pricing. We have PayPal payment gateway liked to the store to allow easy transactions. 6) Will I be able to add videos to my website?Yes, you can add YouTube videos to the website created using sitez easy website creator.7) Is the site builder free?Yes, you can publish the website to our custom URL for free. We offer free hosting for your website. 8) Can I share my website to social network?You can add links to many social media networks such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. You can share your website across all the social media network. 9) Will my visitors be able to contact me from my website?The mobile website builder includes a contact form in each website. Your visitors can fill the contact form and contact you. You can also list your business or personal address for visitors to be able to reach you using Google Maps. 10) What are the benefits to have a website that is mobile friendly?More users browse content/information from mobile than from desktop. Over 1.75 Billion people browse websites from mobile. You and your business will need mobile presence to get an edge against your competition. Have questions about using the app? We’d love to hear from you. Send your suggestions and comments to


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