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UltraBox is a great new puzzle game that literally adds a new dimension to the classic 'match three' game genre. - Classic 'match 3' gameplay but with added depth!- Beautiful, clean, sharp 3D graphics.- Smooth, slick, simple one touch controls.- Cool combo, power-up and chain reaction particle effects.- Funky sound effects and music.- Arcade mode, challenge levels and a simple tutorial.- Unlimitless gameplay! Play to match colored cubes that are built around a 3D box. Flip and tilt the box to move the cubes into position, then swap them to make lines and matches. Inspired by the Rubik's Cube; UltraBox is unique and unlike any other game. Adding a 3rd dimension to the 'match three' genre takes it to a new level of complexity and depth. The game is challenging, engaging and fun, as you would expect in a match 3 game but there is now a new twist! Matching 3, 4, 5 or more cubes still holds the same fascination but moving those cubes in 3D around the UltraBox is so much more dynamic. Combo's, chain reactions and power-up's are all here but you can now tip the box and move them around the grid - giving you much more control of the game and how you play.Several challenge levels, a tutorial and an addictive Arcade mode are included in this first release, with more levels and modes coming soon. The game is presented in a stylish, clean, crisp full 3D perspective. UltraBox is great for experienced 'match 3' players who want a new challenge, but is also just as much fun for new players or anyone interested in 3D puzzle games. You can play for a few minutes on a challenge to see if you can clear the UltraBox of all the colored cubes and get 3 stars.Or you can play for hours in Arcade mode attempting to beat your best score. There is more refinement, polish, content and improvement coming soon in new updates. There are currently no in-app purchases. (If you like UltraBox please leave us a rating. Thanks.)Try UltraBox now, it is not like other puzzle games, it's new, different, fun, challenging and totally 3D!






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