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Talking Stopwatch is ultra simple to operate, yet packed with features & options not found on other stopwatches and lap timers. Summary-------------Talking Stopwatch is a feature rich precision talking timer. Inspired by the short comings of the iphone stopwatch and the leading android offerings. This digital stopwatch is classy, simple to use, yet highly configurable for advanced users. Current lap time, split times, delta times, stats, speech, side button operation and touch screen locking make Talking Stopwatch the ideal stopwatch for runners and athletes.Main Stopwatch Features-----------------------------------------------* Interval Speech* Action Speech* History* Email export* Display precision: 1/1000, 1/100, 1/10 & 1 second.* Speech precision: 1/1000, 1/100, 1/10 & 1 second.* 100 hours max duration.* Large clear display with multiple views* Total time* Current lap time* Lap times* Split times* Fastest lap* Average lap* Slowest lap* Lap number* Delta fastest lap* Delta average lap* Time notifications* Lap time range* Works with side buttons* Screen stays awake* Touch screen lock* Runs in background* Lap on/after stop* Auto scales for hours and precision.* Time measured with system time (1/1000 second)* Speech actions configurable.* Tiny file size compared to Ultrachron,Stopwatch & Timer and Hybrid StopwatchKey Design Principles--------------------------------------------------------Clarity------------- The timer display is large and clear even in bright sunlight, a very important consideration for running,jogging, sailing or cycling. The timer has multiple screens views accessed via a horizontal swipe. Accuracy-----------------Lap timer operates precisely to 1/1000 second via on-touch actions (not on-press). Nearly all other stopwatches and lap timers on the Android market operate on press... these timers are not as accurate as Talking Stopwatch since a press can take up to 1/3 second and yet a touch is instantaneous.Easy operation on the move-----------------------------For a stopwatch to be used when actually performing an exercise or activity such as running, there are considerations that most stopwatches and split timers do not address. Ideally a user should be able to operate the timer when in a pocket or other location from which the screen may not be visible. Side button operation, speech and touch screen locking combine to allow Talking Stopwatch to be used easily in this way. Adaptability as a multi-use timer---------------------------------------Talking Stopwatch was designed as a track timer for runners; however we feel it is also ideal many other timing scenarios as follows:






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