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Car Home Ultra is a car dock app that makes it easy to manage your phone while in the car.
It can startup automatically when your car’s BT is detected, and you can always easily get back to CHU by pressing the home button (see settings->startup options).
• Customize an unlimited number of shortcuts to launch apps, direct dial numbers, or even navigate to a specific location.
• Use the media controller to manage any music or podcast app on your phone with big easy to see buttons.
• Keep aware of your speed, location, weather, altitude, and more with the built in data widgets.
• Multiple skins and color schemes for 100s of different looks.
• Automatic Day and Night color schemes to preserve your night vision.
• Automatic Response for SMS messages let’s you focus on the road.
• Speed Alarm to help you avoid tickets
• Full Feature List Below
Mark the Geek: "CarHome Ultra for Android - Perfect App for in Car Dock"
OMG Droid: "Car Home Ultra -- Finally a Real Car Dock App for Android"
Applater: "A handy car dock application to help you use your device safely even while driving"
Android 4.2+ users can also use Google Voice Commands for a completely hands free experience. See this link for details: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6031948?hl=en
**This is a 30 day trial, if you like the app please purchase CarHome Ultra License for unlimited use**
Data Widgets:
- Speedometer (speaks when pressed)
- Compass
- Altimeter
- Battery Meter
- Clock
- Current Weather Conditions (Speaks when pressed)
- Current Location (Speaks when pressed)
Other Features:
- Integrated Media Controller (Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Artist, Title)
- Unlimited number of custom shortcuts
- SMS Auto Responder
- Location alerts
- Custom Day/Night color schemes
- Multiple skins and color schemes
- Auto switch between Day/Night based on Sunset and Sunrise
- Set to speaker phone mode when docked (optional)
- Starts CarHome when bluetooth connection is detected
- Auto Bluetooth on with Car Mode (optional)
- Auto Bluetooth off when exiting Car Mode (optional)
- Auto Wifi on/off with Car Mode (optional)
- Displays speed in KPH or MPH
- Displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
- Full Screen Mode
- Support for Icon Packs
- Lock Screen Rotation (landscape, portrait, reverse landscape, and reverse portrait)
- Android 5 Material Design
- Brightness and Display Mode Controls
- Volume Controls
- Tactile Button Response
- Mute Alerts
- 3 Page Type: 6 button, 8 button, and media controller
- Sleep Mode: saves power and reduces heat
- Keep Display On until you exit the app
- Stop music/media on exit
- Android Auto partially inspired by this app (yes, that’s true)
HAVE A PROBLEM? Please send me an email: contactus@thespinninghead.com
App Permission Descriptions:
Device & App History – Required for the new Media Controller feature to detect if a media player is able to accept media requests.
Contacts/Calendar – This is required to setup a direct dial shortcut. Calendar is bundled with the contact permission.
Location – This is required to access the GPS for the speedometer, compass, altimeter, weather, etc…
SMS – This is required for the new SMS Auto-responder feature. If the feature is not enabled, the app does not interact with SMS.
Phone – This is required for the Direct Dial shortcut.
Photos/Media/Files – This is required for the Debug Log feature. Photos & Media are bundled with the permission, the app doesn’t need those.
Camera/Microphone – The app will need the microphone permission for any voice activated features in the future. It is required right now for the media player visualization feature. Attaching to the audio stream requires the mic permission. Camera is bundled with the mic permission, the app doesn’t use the camera.
Wi-Fi Connection – The app needs this permission to enable/disable Wi-Fi.
你的车的BT被检测到时它可以自动启动,你可以随时很容易地回到CHU按home键(见设置 - >启动选项)。
纪念野人“的carhome超为Android - 完美的应用程序在汽车码头”
OMG Droid的“汽车之家超 - 最后一个真正的汽车停靠应用为Android”
- 车速表(讲话时按下)
- 指南针
- 高度计
- 电池指示器
- 时钟
- 目前的天气状况(讲话时按下)
- 当前位置(讲话时按下)
- 综合媒体控制器(播放/暂停,下一首,上,艺术家,标题)
- 自定义的快捷键数量不限
- 短信自动回复
- 位置警报
- 自定义日/夜配色方案
- 多种皮肤和颜色方案
- 基于日落和日出日/夜之间自动切换
- 设置为扬声器电话模式时,对接(可选)
- 启动的carhome当检测到蓝牙连接
- 汽车蓝牙租车模式(可选)
- 自动关闭蓝牙车载退出时模式(可选)
- 自动无线开/关租车模式(可选)
- 显示速度KPH或MPH
- 显示的温度在摄氏或华氏
- 全屏模式
- 支持图标包
- 锁定屏幕旋转(风景,人像,风景反向和反向纵向)
- Android的5材质设计
- 亮度和显示模式控制
- 音量控制
- 轻触按钮响应
- 静音警报
- 3页类型:6键,8键,和媒体控制器
- 睡眠模式:节省功耗,降低热
- 保持屏幕上,直到你退出程序
- 退出停止音乐/媒体
- Android电子自动通过这个程序,部分灵感(是的,这是真的)
设备和应用历史 - 所需的新媒体控制器功能可以检测,如果一个媒体播放器能够接受的媒体的请求。
联系人/日历 - 这是必需的设置直接拨号快捷键。日历是捆绑在一起的接触权限。
位置 - 这是需要访问GPS的测速仪,指南针,高度计,天气等...
短信 - 这是必需的新短信自动回复功能。如果未启用该功能,应用程序不与短信互动。
电话 - 这是必需的直接拨号快捷键。
图片/多媒体/文件 - 这是必需的调试日志功能。照片和媒体捆绑在一起的权限,应用程序并不需要这些。
摄像头/麦克风 - 该应用程序将需要在未来的任何语音激活功能的麦克风权限。这是必需的,现在的媒体播放器的可视化功能。附着到音频流需要麦克风权限。摄像头是捆绑在一起的麦克风权限,应用程序不使用相机。
Wi-Fi连接 - 应用程序需要这个权限才能启用/禁用无线网络连接。






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