My Name Lock Screen 2

My Name Lock Screen 2

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My Name Lock Screen 2应用介绍:

My name Lock Screen 2. Now you can write your name and your photo on Your lock screen. Customize your locker with this My name lock screen 2 with your photo. My name Lock Screen 2 includes live Fireflies in your lock screen. Now you can set passcode into your lock screen.
A beautiful lock screen with photo & name live theme for your lock screen.
* Small in size
* Lock screen Includes-
- digital clock(Day,Date,Month)
- Battery Percentage
- WiFi status.
- network provider name.
- my name.
- my photo
- Live firefly in lock screen included
* Set pin
* Load images from the gallery, Camera.
* Option to edit your name.
* Add Border to Your Photos with different color.
* Arrange your Photo in a Square,Rectangle,Circle and many more shape.
* your photo will be appear and disappear on lock Screen.
* option to Enable/Disable sound.
* Hd awesome multiple backgrounds like as Mushroom,open sky,firefly etc.
(a) if you see double lock screen on your phone,then please set System Screen Lock to none.
(b) if My name Lock Screen 2 not working properly,then open this app and go to setting will start work.
If you have any type of problem, suggestion or feedback contact us at


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