M1 Mobile Wallet

M1 Mobile Wallet

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M1 Mobile Wallet应用介绍:

The M1 Mobile Wallet application is your friendly card manager that facilitates the management of the NFC payment services on your M1 NFC SIM.
NFC payment services on M1 are contactless payment card accounts that enable your M1 endorsed NFC mobile phone to make a secured contactless payment by simply tapping your phone at a NFC enabled payment terminal like MasterCard® PayPass or ez-link.
Please note that this Mobile Wallet application only works with an M1 NFC SIM installed on an M1 endorsed NFC mobile phone. The current list of phone models are:
- Samsung Galaxy Advance
- Samsung Galaxy Express
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE
- Samsung Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy S5
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE
- Samsung Galaxy Note 3
- Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 LTE
- Sony Xperia S
- Sony Xperia SP
- Sony Xperia Z
- Sony Xperia Z Ultra
- Sony Xperia Z1
- Sony Xperia Z2
- Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
- Sony Xperia M2
- LG Optimus G E975
- LG Optimus G Pro
- LG Optimus G Pro 2
- LG Optimus G2
- LG G Flex
- LG G3
- HTC One
- HTC One Max
- HTC One (M8)
This list will be updated continuously and may be found at https://www.m1.com.sg/nfc#NFCEnabledPhones
Main Features
1. My Cards
Lets you access and view all the payment services that you have subscribed to. At present, you may view and manage the M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard® account & NFC ez-link account:
- Make payment
- Set default
- See account details
- Check balance
- View transaction history
- Top up with credit card
2. New Cards
Allows you to explore and discover the list of available NFC payment services on M1.
- Subscribe to preferred payment service
- Load preferred payment service into M1 Mobile Wallet
- Once subscribed, it will appear under “My Cards” menu
3. Promotion
Lists all exclusive merchant promotions available for NFC payment services on M1.
4. Settings
Allows you to manage your M1 Mobile Wallet
- Turn NFC contactless communication interface access ON/OFF
- Turn default payment setting ON/OFF
- Manage Mobile Wallet’s passcode
- Activate NFC reader to enable phone to read information from readable NFC tags or share files with another NFC phone
As contactless payments by NFC will be accepted at over 30,000 retail points in Singapore, so whether you are paying for a meal, taking a taxi, or buying groceries, paying with M1 Mobile Wallet will save you time.
In the near future, the M1 Mobile Wallet will let you purchase tickets, download coupons, book a cab and more; making your life convenient and ever exciting.
M1的移动钱包应用程序是你的友好卡管理,便于的NFC支付服务管理上的M1 NFC SIM卡。
在M1 NFC支付服务的非接触式支付卡账户,使您的M1认可NFC手机只需轻敲你的电话就像万事达卡的PayPass或易通一个支持NFC支付终端,使一个安全的非接触式支付。
请注意,这个移动钱包应用程序仅适用于安装在M1认可NFC手机的​​NFC M1 SIM。手机型号当前的名单如下:
- 三星Galaxy前进
- 三星Galaxy快递
- 三星Galaxy S3
- 三星Galaxy S3 LTE
- 三星Galaxy S4
- 三星Galaxy S5
- 三星Galaxy Note 2 LTE
- 三星Galaxy Note 3
- 三星Galaxy Ace 3 LTE
- 索尼Xperia S
- 索尼Xperia SP
- 索尼Xperiaž
- 索尼XperiaŽ超
- 索尼Xperia Z1
- 索尼Xperia Z2
- 索尼Xperia T2超
- 索尼Xperia M2
- LG擎天柱摹E975
- LG的Optimus摹临
- LG的Optimus摹临2
- LG的Optimus G2
- LG摹的Flex
- LG G3
- HTC一
- HTC的一个最大
- HTC一(M8)
可以访问和查看所有已订阅的支付服务。目前,您可以查看和管理M1 NFCMasterCard®预付卡账号和NFC易通账号:
- 让金
- 设置默认
- 请参阅帐户详细资料
- 检查平衡
- 查看交易历史
- 充值与信用卡
- 订阅首选支付服务
- 负载优先支付服务到M1手机钱包
- 一旦订阅,它将会出现在“我的卡”菜单
列出了可用于对M1 NFC支付服务独家所有商家促销。
- 开启/关闭NFC非接触式通信接口访问
- 打开违约金设定ON / OFF
- 管理手机钱包的密码
- 激活NFC阅读器,使手机从读取NFC标签读取信息或共享与其他NFC手机文件


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