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Time Worked

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Time Work is a productivity tool to allow you to control your daily time worked and your overtime making statistics for weeks, months, and years. By using this tool it will be easy for you improving your efficiency at work and to control your work overtime.Time Work is focus on:1.Ease of use: keep it intuitive to operate2.Powerful report system (textual and graphical)3 Keep battery life safe: the app does not need to be running all the time.Time Work features:- Monitoring your daily work, overtimes, breaks and times in/out.- Let you specify the project and the task in which you are working- Informs and charts with the time worked for each project, and the money earned in each of them.- Export your inform to .CSV format (compatible with Excel)- Let you personalize the preference: e.g. inserting your daily target time for work and lunch, and your preferences- Predicting at what time you can come back home taking into account the time you usually spend lunching and resting- Add alerts to notify when your are resting or working too much for today- Exporting data to a xml file in your external sd card.- Cloud Storage (Google Drive) to make backups and restore data- Languages supported: English, French and Spanish (other languages under request)Features soon:- Improvements for the people how use to work during the nights.I hope Time Work will be the best and most intuitive productivity tool for Android! If you have any problems about how to use it or ideas about how to improve it, feel free to email me. We appreciate your feedback!Thank you!
作者:Serarni Software
系统:Android 2.2.x以上


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