Volvo On Call

Volvo On Call

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Starting from model year 2012, Volvo now brings you the abillity to access your vehicle from your Android device. This requires that your vehicle is equipped with a Volvo onCall Telematics unit. If your vehicle conforms with these requirements you will, depending on your model be able to: - See vehicle dashboard values, such as fuel level, trip meters, and more, in the App.- Control your fuel fired parking heater, if the vehicle is equipped with a fuel fired parking heater.- Locate your vehicle on a map or using the vehicle signal horn and turn indicators.- See the current status of doors, windows and locks for your vehicle.- Lock and unlock the vehicle.- Request road side assistance from the App.- Have an electronic driving journal, that will create trip reports for every trip made with the vehicle. Even though you do not currently own a Volvo conforming to the requirements above you can still install the App and use it in demonstration mode, in-order to see some of the functionality offered by the Volvo onCall Telematics system.


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