Lucky Fields

Lucky Fields

1. Optimisations and bug fixes
2. Free diamonds for everyone
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It's time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and play by your own rules. Build the farm of your dreams, a pastoral paradise that'll make your neighbours turn green with envy! You can become a modest gardener or a successful trader - the choice is yours. In the world of Lucky Fields, everything depends on your wishes - and a little bit of luck!
Create new varieties of plants and animals, run your own factories and workshops, and make a fortune. You can expect to struggle against the elements, engage in lively trade, make new friends, and interact with players from all over the world! Help your neighbours, expand your property, and invite your friends - you can build an enormous trade empire and a real railroad network together!
You and your friends can visit each other using your own personal trains, post notices in the newspaper, and trade tips with your competitors. For some people it's just a fun farm simulator, but for others it can be a whole new world. What will Lucky Fields be for you? The choice is yours!
它的时间你自己的规则采取从城市和娱乐的喧嚣休息。打造你梦想中的农场,田园天堂也许会让你的邻居变成绿色羡慕不已!你可以成为一个温和的园丁或一个成功的商人 - 选择是你的。在幸运领域的世界里,一切取决于你的愿望 - 和运气一点点!
创建新品种的植物和动物,运行自己的工厂和车间,又赚了一笔。你可以期望对元素的斗争,搞热闹贸易,结交新朋友,并与来自世界各地的玩家互动!帮助你的邻居,扩大你的财产,并邀请你的朋友 - 你可以建立一个庞大的帝国贸易和一个真正的铁路网一起!

1. Optimisations and bug fixes
2. Free diamonds for everyone

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