Sam Voice Remote

Sam Voice Remote

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Sam TV Remote is a great application to control your Samsung Smart TV over local network(WI-FI) as well as across the networks. Mainly Voice Command Control, Auto TV Discovery, Control TV from anywhere, Check remote TV Connection and other attractive features makes it unique from other similar applications in the market.This application allows you to perform all the TV Remote functionality available in traditional Samsung TV Remote for B-Series/C-Series/D-Series/E-Series/F-Series Smart TVs. How to find IP Address of Samsung Smart TV? List:- Voice recognition Commands to control your TV Voice Media Controls (Play,Pause,Forward, Backward, Volume) are main attractions Type Text or URL directly from application to Samsung TV Customized remote Favourite channels Choose TV to Play/Pause/Mute on Incoming call Volume Control by side buttons French,Japanese,Danish,Spanish,English,Swedish,Norwegian,dutch,Italian,Russian,Polish, Chinese,German,Korean,Tamil,Telugu,Arabic,Portuguese,Turkish,Thai Supported Test the Connection of your TV(useful in cases when there is no physical access available to your TV) Automatic TV Discovery Multiple TVs can be controlled separately or altogether Continuous button press handling for volume/program/left-right-up-down buttons Manual Language selection Notification shortcut Control your TV from anywhere in the world Display the TV response messages for every key press to check command execution status Display the Present Connection status always in the Application Settings Dedicated Separate Media Remote Choose Full Screen ON/OFF of remote Manual configuration of TV IP Address Dedicated Miscellaneous key press in separate Remote Fastest key press responses from the TV using this applicationSupported Samsung TVs:-- C-Series/D-Series/E-Series/F-Series (All the Samsung TV's with Internet TV or AllShare feature) - Blue Ray Disc Player with Smart Hub feature- B-Series TVs must install “Remote Lan Control” via content library in order to use the Remote application. Detailed procedure for downloading/installation of “Remote Lan Control” is explained here ( Prerequisites:-- Samsung TV must be switched ON and connected to active WLAN- Automatic TV Discovery function will only work when TV and Mobile both are in the same WI-FI Domain- Mobile phone may be connected to Same WLAN Router/Different WLAN Router/Another networksOptional:-- Port 55,000 must be forwarded in your Router to control your TV from anywhere in the world (Only Required to control TV from other networks).Usage:- Samsung TV remote; Samsung wifi remote; Samsung remote; TV remote


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