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Seenow for Smartphones

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What is Seenow?Seenow is a multi-screen Live TV & VOD service which offers a wide variety of local and international content for Romanian users inside or outside the country, on any type of internet connection (mobile data or wireless). The app has a simple structure and a user freindly interface and the content is available in subcriptions or online rental.What can you watch?Seenow offers 60+ live TV channels and over 1500 VOD titles in a vast offer, which includes subscriptions for Box Office movies, HD documentaries, Bollywood productions, Romanian classic movies or lifestyle series, but also the newest movies coming right out of cinema in pay-per-view.The application provides acces to a variety of Romanian TV Channels grille and most popular premium TV channels: TV1000, Comedy Central Extra, Disney Channels, Disney Jr, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, AXN, AXN Crime, AXN Spin, AXN Sci-Fi, Viasat Nature, Viasat History, Viasat Explorer, Travel Channel and many others that expect to be discovered, and also catch-up TV libraries. The Seenow movies offer brings you the most diversified selection of films, serials, cartoons and documentaries and the service “Filmbox Live HD” through which you can access all 7 Filmbox TV Channals and library of movies & serials Filmbox.”Each month, the content offer is updated with new titles. The content offer may differ from one territory to another, depending on content licensing right.How can you access Seenow?Seenow is available on smartphones, tablets, Samsung Smart TV and web, on and the access to the service can be done using the same user account, to benefit form maximum mobility.
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