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Radar Alarm

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Forget about radar detectors or CB radio devices and install this simple free application and report road traps your are passing by through your journey. Radar Alarm is community-driven platform for reporting and automatic alerts about well… „interesting“ locations along roads like speed cameras, accidents or road works.Simply start the application (with GPS enabled and network connectivity) and if you see any "road alarm" report it with a single click, and other drivers will be automatically notified by its presence. These alarms are automatically removed after a while (police - 30 min, radar or accident - 1 hour, construction - 7 days, speed camera - 60 days) Your vote is also important, so you can confirm (like) the alarm or invalidate (dislike). If several invalidate requests are received for an alarm, this is deleted automatically from our database.Most importantly, this application warns users when they approach a pre-defined vicinity of a road incident, by visual and audio signals. Ongoing analysis of the user‘s location changes ensure that updates are only pulled in if necessary, thus avoiding excessive bandwidth usage.This application does not include and show any alarm collected automatically from external sources. It relies only on the willing of the community to share details about road traps. You don't need any account to use it and no advertisement will bother you.


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