Dance Ringtones

Dance Ringtones

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Get the best dance music to your phone, you can use them as a ringtone, or set it to a specific contact, to sound when a message arrives or notice, even as the alarm tone**.You can also put your favorites on the home screen as widgets, following a few simple steps.You can hear them at random or continuous ... sit back and enjoy this selection of mixtures. Feel like a real dj everywhere and share these spectacular shades with your friends anytime.Think the clips are too long? No problem, and let them edit them to your liking, you can do it from the app!You have no excuse not to ring your favorite music, or that piece of song that you like when you get a whatsapp, or when you receive a message on line.** Note: set as alarm sound is only possible for new, not with those already created.This application is completely free, is only supported by ads, this will help us to continue working to bring more free applications.


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