Achieve - Productivity Timer

Achieve - Productivity Timer

- ui design improvements- bug fixes
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Perfect, clean, simple and reliable Timer for people who seek solution to done their daily tasks more efficiently.Overwhelmed by complex time management solutions, GTD (getting things done) techniques or undone TODO lists? Achieve - Productivity Timer lets you increase your productivity in a simple and elegant way.Use simple work cycles with short and long breaks to maximize your focus and done tasks faster.Features:- beautiful clean timer- easy task's creation- simple edition of tasks- notifications to inform end of the current task or break.- configurable work cycle and break duration- alarm sound and vibration after work cycle ends- personalized settings- Beautiful minimal design- Holo themeAchieve - Productivity Timer is the perfect solution for every timing situations like work, sports, games or even cooking.This is probably one of the most simple time managers. Perfect for freelancers, students, graphic designers, managers, musicians, scientists and other people who want to become more productive.For everyone who thinks big - to become smarter and faster.Become more efficient with Achieve - Productivity Timer now!Note:This is application is not standard countdown timer like ones created by Go Launcher Dev Team or Opoloo. It is also not a TODO list like solution done by team with all it's features.Achieve - Productivity Timer is created to use it while working to accomplish tasks more efficiently.Application can be used to work with several productivity techniques like Pomodoro™ Timer.Pomodoro is a simple method of breaking down work periods into 25 minute slices separated by short breaks.Pomodoro™ and Pomodoro Technique® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This application is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.Permissions used in application:VIBRATE - vibration after a work cycle of a breakINTERNET - ad network requirementACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - ad network requirementACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - ad network requirementWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - for future features (for example: data export)

- ui design improvements- bug fixes

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