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Pebble apps

A lot of bugfixes,
loading apps should work now correctly
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Pebble apps应用介绍:

Discover great applications for your Pebble smart watch!
Being a proud Pebble smartwatch owner we often had a problem finding apps amidst the marketplace clutter.
This application is shows you many different kinds of user submitted apps for Pebble. Each app serves a different purpose and has a good rating.
Browse trough a ton of community created watchfaces and install them with just one tap.
Find new accessories or keep your smartwatch stylish and protected.
We hold no responsibility for user submitted content, please use the built-in reporting tool to report any inappropriate or copyrighted material and we will do our best to remove it. Please carefully read the Terms of Service:
Apps for Pebble will help you to:
• Discover new great applications for your Pebble smart watch.
• Simple app installation by linking directly to the Google Play Market.
• Install watchfaces found outside of Google Play!
• Find and start apps for Pebble in a blink of an eye.
• Find great accessories for your Pebble!
• User submitted content, you can upload it yourself!
The app is:
- safe,
- slick,
- clutter free,
- provides you with fast service when needed.
This app is NOT an official Pebble app;
- Responsible for any misuse of third party applications,
- Owner of any third party applications.
Guidelines for users and developers:
- If you have any suggestions please contact me.
- If you know an app that should be placed or removed from the list, please contact me.
- If you’re an app developer and want to remove your app from the list, contact me.
- Before leaving a bad rating, please contact me about issues and I will try my best to fix it.
- And mostly, enjoy your Pebble watch. :)
Explaining the use of permissions:
- the permission.INTERNET allows me to receive instant crash reports so I can fix them faster.
- the android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE are needed to download and save 3rd party apps before launching them.
- the android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is needed to download 3rd party apps
- the android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS and BILLING is needed for donations
One app to find them all.
- 安全,
- 光滑,
- 杂乱,
- 在需要的时候为您提供快捷的服务。
- 负责的第三方应用程序的任何不当使用,
- 任何第三方应用程序所有者。
- 如果您有任何建议,请与我联系。
- 如果你知道一个应用程序,应放置或从列表中删除,请与我联系。
- 如果你是一个应用程序开发人员,希望从列表中删除你的应用程序,请联系我。
- 临走中评差评,请与我联系有关的问题,我会尽我所能来解决它​​。
- 而且大多是,享受你的卵石手表。 :)
- 在permission.INTERNET让我接受瞬间崩溃报告,以便我能更快地解决这些问题。
- 需要的android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAG​​E和WRITE启动之前下载并保存第三方应用程序。
- 在android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE是需要下载第三方应用程序
- 在android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS和计费是需要捐款

A lot of bugfixes,
loading apps should work now correctly

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