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Northern Rail

Added support for e-ticketing.
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Northern Rail应用介绍:

Northern Rail is the largest rail operator in the UK, operating 2,500 services every day, and providing local and regional train services across the north of England.
Our mobile app helps you to:
- Plan any train journey in Great Britain
- Buy train tickets for any train journey in Great Britain
- View real time running information for all train services in Great Britain
When you book with our app there are no booking fees, no credit card fees and no delivery fees. You can collect your tickets from over 1,000 stations and they’re ready to collect within 15 minutes.
Plan journeys and buy tickets:
- Plan journeys between any two stations in Great Britain up to 12 weeks ahead
- Automatically saves previous journeys
- Buy all the tickets that are available on our website, at the same great prices
- Our app will automatically find the cheapest tickets for you – and show you whether a return or two single tickets are better value
- Reserve your seats on longer distance journeys
- Collect from over 1,000 stations
- Tickets available to collect in 15 minutes
Check real time running information for all train services in Great Britain:
- See how the trains from any National Rail station in Great Britain are running – with live data supplied by National Rail
- “At a glance” colour indication to see how on time train services are – green for on time, orange for less than 10 minutes late, red for ten or more minutes late, and black for cancelled
- Shows “via” routes – especially useful when trains between the same two places go via different routes
- Shows platforms (where the data is available)
- Save up to 20 previous searches

Added support for e-ticketing.

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