iTunes Share for Google Music

iTunes Share for Google Music

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- This is app shares your Google Music into your iTunes on your PC/Mac without ANY extra software - just as any other iTunes shared library- This is not a music player app- Your music on Google Music + this app = streaming from iTunes with no extra software (tested with 5000 songs - lets us know if you have more and it does not work)iTunes Google Music Share is the only App so far that is able to seamlessly release all of your music from your Google Music account directly into your familiar iTunes without installing nothing but this app. It does so by exposing your Google Music as a so-called iTunes share. This means that by one click - you are able to share all your music where you are. It fits when you are eg. at work (where I use it myself - A LOT) or at a friends place. Share all your music into iTunes with one click with this app. It cannot be more simple! Try it! - iTunes Google Music Share is the perfect app when you want to share your music where YOU are. When your phone is connected to a wifi network, you will, by starting the app, be able to share all your music files located on Google Music directly onto the network to iTunes, also called a DAAP share.Just start the app on your phone and open iTunes on your computer and your phone will be listed as an external library in iTunes, ready to be stream from. No extra software is needed to be installed on either your PC or Mac, just iTunes.This app aims to provide some of the same functionality as the mt-daapd / Firefly Media Server / forked-daapd projects also do.In case of malfunction/you can't get it to work, try disabling your firewalls momentarily to see if that could be the cause. - Happy streamin'


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