Tower (DroidPlanner 3)

Tower (DroidPlanner 3)

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Tower (DroidPlanner 3)应用介绍:

Tower is 3DR’s powerful and intuitive new flight control program. It provides everything you need to plan, fly and track any 3DR-powered drone. Tower delivers a simple but feature-rich flight experience, equally suited to first-time pilots and experts.
It’s also an open-source app, which means the code is available to anyone who wants to build new features into Tower or customize existing ones. 3DR will be the major contributor to the software, and we’ll supply support for every issue and fix all critical concerns.
Tower features:
* Transmitter-free control: You can fly your 3DR drone with just a phone or tablet.
* Create flights by drawing the paths on your tablet or dropping waypoints.
* Because we give you over 10 different waypoint types to choose from, you can create flights that suit your specific purpose:
** Fly in smooth curves with spline waypoints.
** Circle waypoints allow you to orbit an object and keep the camera pointed at it.
** Region of Interest (ROI) points allow you to keep the camera centered on a subject regardless of the path you’re flying.
** “Survey” will automatically generate the flight pattern you need to fully cover a region of the map.
* 3PV™ Follow Me keeps the camera centered on you while the copter follows you as you move. You can also adjust the copter’s position while it’s following you.
* Easily make 3D scans of large structures with our automated building mapper.
* The one-button Dronie lets you quickly capture a one-of-a-kind selfie that reveals the scenery around you as the copter flies up and back.
* Adjust parameters within your flight controller to get a custom feel.
* Supports both copters and planes.
这也是一个开源的应用程序,这意味着该代码是提供给谁想要建立新的功能集成到塔或自定义现有的。 3DR将是主要贡献者到软件,我们将提供支持的每一个问题和解决所有关键的担忧。
*发射器 - 自由控制:可以飞你3DR无人机只是一个手机或平板电脑。
* 3PV™跟我保持相机围绕你而直升机跟着你当你移动。您也可以调整直升机的位置,而它的跟着你。


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