14 days WFC °F

14 days WFC °F

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Application adds widget, that presents clock and weather info. Data is synchronized with Internet for current weather stations readings provided by widget. Application is ideal for cell phones and tablets with small screen. After clicking on the clock on the widget You can get to the settings of application - style of widget and weather changes notifications.After clicking on the temperature on the widget You can see weather for the next 14 days. !!!PLEASE NOTE - This version have TEMPERATURE IN FAHRENHEIT DEGREES.- This application have weather widget as it's main functionality - you have to add it directly on your screen not in the applications menu! - Before signing bug or comment about bug update Your app to the newest version!Support is also provided at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimpleWeatherClockClock includes bundled styles: - Classic Black, - Funny Ghosts, - So! Pink, - Sweet Blue, - Classic White, - Clean - Polish Flag theme.App Interface changes in-time with the weather and time of the day.


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