nRF Master Control Panel (BLE)

nRF Master Control Panel (BLE)

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nRF Master Control Panel (BLE)应用介绍:

nRF Master Control Panel is a powerful generic tool that allows you to scan, advertise and explore your Bluetooth Smart (BLE) devices and communicate with them. nRF MCP supports number of Bluetooth SIG adopted profiles including Device Firmware Update profile (DFU) from Nordic Semiconductors.
- Scans for Bluetooth Smart (BLE) devices
- Parses advertisement data
- Shows RSSI graph, allows export to CSV and Excel formats
- Connects to a connectible the Bluetooth Smart device
- Discoveries and parses services and characteristics
- Allows to read and write characteristics
- Allows to enable and disable notifications and indications
- Parses number of characteristics adopted by Bluetooth SIG
- BTLE advertising (Android 5+ required)
- GATT Server configuration
- Supports Device Firmware Update profile which let the user to upload a new application, SoftDevice or a bootloader over-the-air (OTA) from a HEX file
- Supports the Nordic UART Service
- Allows to perform automated tests defined in XML file on Bluetooth Smart devices.
Visit the GitHub page: for more information about automated tests and creating init packets for the DFU.
Known problems:
- Nexus 4 and 7 and some other devices notifies only about the first adv. packets from connectible peripherals, RSSI graph does not update for them. You may disable "Continuous scanning" in settings to get more packets on this devices.
- On Nexus 4 and 7 some problems may occur when connecting to devices, a specially bondable ones. Bluetooth sensor reset may be required to fix the problem.
- Nexus 4 and 7 with Android 4.3 do not allow to unbound Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
- Nexus 4 and 7 with Android 4.4 does not start encryption when connecting to bonded device. Repairing may be required.
- Supported on Android version 4.3 or later.
- Tested on Nexuses 4, 5, 5X, 6, 6P, 7, 9, Samsung S3, S6, HTC One M8
- DFU mode is compatible with nRF51822 devices that have S110 v5.2.1 or newer and the bootloader from nRF51 SDK v4.4.1 or newer.
- nRF51822 Development kits can be ordered from .
- The nRF51 and nRF52 SDKs and SoftDevices are available on-line at
Know problems with DFU settings:
- Setting Package Receipt Notification to OFF or less than ~400 will not work on some phones, f.e. Nexus 4, Nexus 7. On Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 it increases upload speed to 4.3 sec/18kb.
- On some newer devices you may have to set the PRN to 4 or less at the transmission may be too fast to store data on flash.
NRF主控制面板是一个功能强大的通用工具,它可以让您扫描,宣传和探索蓝牙智能(BLE)设备,并与他们沟通。 NRF MCP支持蓝牙技术联盟的数量通过配置文件包括来自北欧半导体设备固件更新配置文件(DFU)。
- 扫描蓝牙智能(BLE)设备
- 解析广告数据
- 显示RSSI图,允许导出为CSV和Excel格式
- 连接到可连接蓝牙智能设备
- 发现并解析服务和特色
- 允许读写特性
- 允许启用和禁用通知和指示
- 解析通过蓝牙SI​​G特点编号
- BTLE广告(安卓5+要求)
- 关贸总协定服务器配置
- 支持这让用户上传从HEX文件一个新的应用程序,SoftDevice或引导程序通过空中下载(OTA)设备固件更新个人资料
- 支持北欧UART服务
- 允许执行蓝牙智能设备的XML文件中定义的自动测试。
- 的Nexus 4和7以及其他一些设备通知大约只有第一个副词。从可连接外围设备的数据包,RSSI图没有对他们进行更新。您可以禁用设置“连续扫描”,以获取有关该设备的详细数据包。
- 在的Nexus 4和7的一些问题,在连接到设备时,可能会发生,一个特殊粘合的。蓝牙传感器复位,可能需要来解决这个问题。
- 纳克斯4和7与Android 4.3不允许未结合的蓝牙低功耗设备。
- 的Nexus 4和7与Android 4.4不连接到绑定的设备时,启动加密。修复可能是必需的。
- 支持在Android 4.3或更高版本。
- 测试在Nexuses 4,5,5,6,6P,7,9,三星S3,S6的HTC One M8
- DFU模式是与具有S110 V5.2.1或更高版本以及nRF51 SDK v4.4.1或更高版本的引导加载程序nRF51822设备兼容。
- nRF51822开发套件可以从订购。
- 在nRF51和nRF52 SDK和SoftDevices可上线
- 设置包裹签收通知到OFF或小于〜400将无法正常工作在某些手机上,FE的Nexus 4,Nexus的7. 5的Nexus采用Android 4.4它增加了上传速度为4.3秒/ 18KB。
- 在一些较新的设备,你可能需要将PRN设置为4或更小的传输可能会过快将数据存储在闪存上。


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