- Added support for Smartwares IP cameras (powered by Homewizard Easy Online)
- Improved Camera UI Controls
- Improved support text for curtains/blinds
- Improved Water detector UI
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Control your home using our smartphone or tablet!
The HomeWizard app requires a HomeWizard* (device).
The HomeWizard connects your Android device to existing wireless systems from various manufacturers such as KlikAanKlikUit, Cresta, TFA, Somfy and Wattcher. The HomeWizard makes it possible to control lights and other devices using your smartphone or tablet. It’s also equipped to send push notifications when your doorbell is pressed and is even capable to receive data from wireless weather station equipment or real-time energy measuring devices. The HomeWizard app can also be used to control your curtains, blinds or garage doors. The app connects with your own WiFi network for internet access and automatic firmware updates. With our HomeWizard Online service you can easily connect to your HomeWizard wherever you are, whenever you need to (www.homewizard.nl/homewizardonline).
In short HomeWizard allows you to:
- Toggle lights and other home appliances using wireless switches.
- Add IP-camera's to view a live feed from your house, anywhere you are, with the possibility to control your lights/house at the same time.
- Create scenes to toggle multiple lights with the tap of a button and add timers to automate your home appliances.
- Enable our easy to use ‘Awareness System’ to send notifications when surface mount contacts, motion detectors, smoke dectectors and doorbells are activated. Link these with a camera to receive a snapshot when a sensor is activated!
- With 'Actions', you can control your lights on the basis of various conditions such as time and sensor activity: make sure all your lights turn on when a motion detector is activated, but only between 24.00 and 07.00 and turn them off again after 5 minutes!
- Support for KlikAanKlikUit and Elro switches, dimmers, and other receivers.
- Receive temperature, wind, precipitation and UV data from compatible weather sensors and plot the data in graphs.
- Measure your electricity consumption in real-time or monitor the energy generated by your solar panels.
- Control Somfy RTS receivers which are widely used for automated sunblinds, curtains and garage doors.
*The HomeWizard Device is available for purchase at www.homewizard.nl
With HomeWizard's introduction it has finally become easy, affordable and most of all, fun, to automate your home. As opposed to the Toon from Eneco, the Nuon E-manager, Tahoma from Somfy or the e-inzicht and e-thermostaat from Essent, HomeWizard is an independent platform without hidden recurring fees. It is invented, designed and produced in the Netherlands by entrepreneurs who use their product on a daily basis. You wouldn't be the first one to appreciate this difference, try it out for yourself!
来自不同制造商,如KlikAanKlikUit,克里斯塔,反式脂肪酸,尚飞和Wattcher HomeWizard你的Andr​​oid设备连接到现有的无线系统。 HomeWizard使得它可以控制灯光和其他设备使用您的智能手机或平板电脑。它还配备发送推送通知当你按下门铃,甚至能够无线气象站设备或实时电能计量装置的接收数据。的HomeWizard应用程序,也可以用来控制你的窗帘,百叶窗或车库门。用自己的WiFi网络,互联网接入和自动固件更新应用程序连接。随着我们的在线HomeWizard服务,您可以很容易地连接到你的HomeWizard无论你身在何处,每当你需要(www.homewizard.nl / homewizardonline)。
- 切换灯等家电使用无线交换机
- 添加IP摄像机观看实况饲料从你的房子,无论你是来控制灯光/房子在同一时间的可能性。
- 创建场景切换多个灯带水龙头的按钮,并添加定时器来自动化你的家电。
- 使我们易于使用的'感知系统“表面贴装接触,运动探测器,烟雾的dectectors和门铃被激活时发送通知。这些传感器被激活时,相机接收快照链接!
- “操作”,你可以控制灯光的基础上的各种条件,如时间和传感器的活动:确保你所有的灯打开时,一个运动检测器被激活,但只有在24.00和07.00之间,将它们关闭后再次5分钟!
- 支持KlikAanKlikUit和的ELRO开关,调光器,和其它接收器。
- 接收温度,风,降水和紫外线从兼容天气传感器数据,并绘制图表中的数据。
- 测量您的用电情况实时监控您的太阳能电池板产生的能量。
- 控制尚飞RTS接收器被广泛用于自动化遮阳,窗帘和车库门。

- Added support for Smartwares IP cameras (powered by Homewizard Easy Online)
- Improved Camera UI Controls
- Improved support text for curtains/blinds
- Improved Water detector UI





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