JW Study Aid

JW Study Aid

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For Jehovah's Witnesses to access bible material offline.Bible (New World Translation of the Holy ures) - Read the Bible offline - Available in 37 different languages.Daily Text (Examining the ures Daily 2013) - Read the Daily Text with ures offline - Available in 34 different languages.Magazines PDF - Download a copy of the latest magazines in PDF format to your device - Available in 170 different languages.Publications PDF - Download a copy of publications that are available in the PDF format such as Books and Brochures - Available in 267 different languages.If you are experiencing issues with downloading or viewing the content, then please email me with exactly what is happening with the app on your phone with any error messages you getting, so that we can work out why the app is having issues and then try to fix it.Not an official Watchtower Society app. For all official material and free downloads from the Watchtower Society please visit their website: www.jw.org


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