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** NOTICE: If Bedside is not starting up automatically when connected after an update, go into the settings and toggle the 'auto-start' and 'auto-close' options. ** ** 2nd NOTICE: Some devices do not support turning off the button LEDs. Bedside uses official APIs to do this and if your device does not turn off the LEDs when opening Bedside blame the manufacturer and/or the ROM you are using. (Devices include: Galaxy S phones, Nexus S, some Motorola devices, etc) ** Bedside is a very dimmed customizable night clock. You can change the colors of the letters/icons, as well as the background. You can even let it use your own wallpaper if you'd like. The biggest feature of Bedside is the so-called "Bedside Mode". While in Bedside mode, a service will be started that will switch your phone to silent mode, and it will monitor for calls and text messages to allow them to ring through. You can configure a whitelist of callers, and there's even a separated list for text messages. It includes a built-in screensaver mode that will remove everything from the screen and leave it completely black, and re-enable everything again once you touch or move your phone. This way, your screen won't have burn-in issues, and you can see the time quickly at night without having to lock/unlock your phone everytime. Also features the ability to use the Text-to-Speech engine in your phone. Enable it in the preferences and Bedside will speak the time anytime you long-press on the screen while Bedside is open. Bedside can be automatically started everytime you charge or dock your phone. It does not include a built-in alarm. Use the alarm application that came with your phone or a 3rd party alarm application from the market. You can make Bedside link to any application when you click the icons shortcuts on the main clock display for the first time. This latest version of Bedside (3.6) has branched from the upcoming version 4.0 which will include a built-in alarm (that you won't be forced to use, you will still be able to use your own alarm application), automatic profiles (depending on location, time and other states), weather and other new things. Plans were to have version 4.0 ready a long time ago but it was not possible due to personal issues. 4.0 is still buggy and incomplete so I decided to bring a few things from it to 3.5 and make it 3.6. I hope this is enough for now, as I will be working real hard to make 4.0 a possibility. With Bedside, now you can get your sweet dreams without worrying! Issues after updating to latest firmware? Uninstall the app, then reinstall it: *注意:如果床边没有启动时自动连接更新后,进入设置和切换​​“自动启动”和“自动关闭”选项。 ** ** 2注意:有些设备不支持关闭LED按钮。床头使用官方API来做到这一点,如果您的设备不关闭的指示灯,当打开床头的制造商和/或ROM怪你正在使用。 (这些设备包括:银河S手机的Nexus S,摩托罗拉的一些设备等)** 床头是一个非常暗淡的可定制的夜间时钟。你可以改变颜色的字母/图标,以及背景。你甚至可以让它用自己的壁纸,如果你想。 床头的最大特点是所谓的“枕边模式”。虽然在床头模式,服务将启动,将手机切换到静音模式,它会监视电话和短信,让他们振铃。您可以配置一个白名单的来电者,甚至还有一个分隔的列表短信。 它包括一个内置的屏幕保护模式,将删除一切从屏幕离开它完全黑,并重新启用一切再一次触摸或移动您的手机。这样一来,你的屏幕不会有老化的问题,你可以看到,晚上没有时间迅速锁定/解锁您的手机每次。 还能够使用文本到语音引擎,在您的手机。启用它的喜好和,床头会说话的时候,任何时候你在屏幕上长按在床头开放。 床头可自动每次启动您充电或停靠您的手机。 它不包括一个内置的报警。使用与您的手机或第三方报警应用从市场来报警应用。你可以让床头的任何应用程序的链接,当你点击图标快捷方式第一次在主时钟显示。 这个最新版本的床头柜(3.6)分支从即将到来的4.0版,其中将包括一个内置的报警(你不会被强迫使用,你仍然能够使用自己的报警应用程序),自动型材(根据地点,时间和其他国家),天气和其他新的东西。计划有4.0版本前很长一段时间的准备,但是这是不可能的,由于个人问题。 4.0仍然是越野车和不完整的,所以我决定把几件事情,从3.5和3.6。我希望这是足够了,因为我将工作真正的努力,使4.0的可能性。 床头,现在你就可以得到你甜蜜的梦,而不用担心! 更新到最新的固件后的问题?卸载应用程序,然后重新安装它:






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