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The best client to any REST-enabled Redmine server.Monitor your projects from your Redmine server on your mobile device! Easy to use, good-looking, fresh and intuitive Holo UI is designed with care.** FEATURES **Included features:- project list- project overview- issues list- issue display (including textile markup for description)- wiki pages- unlimited number of servers and projectsWill come later :- full offline use- better wiki support (all links, {{include}} macro, etc)- tablet UI- ability to add/edit/delete- roadmap- gantt- calendar- other stuff** NOTICE **Please note that this app only works with REST-enabled servers.To enable the REST authentication, you have to check "Enable REST API" in Administration -> Settings -> Authentication, on your server. You may need to ask this to your Redmine administrator.The REST technology allows a secure access to your server without the need of disclosing your username and password.** PRIVACY **We will not collect, store, use, send, sell or do anything with the data that is displayed through this app.All of the information that this apps downloads is only stored in the phone and does not go out of it.The ONLY information that this app will send over the internet is crash reports. The information contained in a crash report is anonymous, and will not be sold, communicated, given to anybody but the development team. The only purpose of this is crash fixes.** ALPHA VERSION **This app is an early stage of development. Please understand that it may not work properly, that all Redmine features are not yet available.Please avoid 1 star ratings, and check that you have the latest version. The app will evolve quickly, so just wait for the next upgrade if you have a bug!





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