Candy Safari Labyrinth

Candy Safari Labyrinth

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Kids Games - Candy Safari Labyrinth is a simple labyrinth game, in which you can play with 15 animals (3 animals in the demo version). The animals need to get out from the more and more difficult mazes, before the time runs out. You have to take every animal out of the maze in 3 levels to return them to Candy Safari. Try to collect all of flashing candies in every level. But be careful! These candies will disappear over time. There are several types of candies. Try to avoid the Twist Candy! If you collect it, you have to control the animal in the opposite direction. The Bad Candy is even worse, if it catches you, it will steal all of your remaining time, and you will run out of time. The videos, animations and colourful characters were designed to satisfy everyone's needs (be a child, or adult). Download it, and have happy moments for the entire family!


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