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Looking for a reliable, convenient, stylish and unusual alarm clock? Free and without an advertisment? This is it!
GM Alarm chooses random melody and downloads it from the Internet for each awakening (it keeps history so the melodies won't repeat). All you have to do is to pick a music category.
For instance, "Relax" category contains calm compositions what make you balance between dream and reality, "Nature" - the sing on morning birds, a rooster and an owl screams... If you sleep like a "bear" then "Extream" is your category (but be careful, some melodies are really scared :-). And "Classic", "Rock", "Pop" and other categories as well.
More about functions:
-Ability to create a few alarms with different music;
-Flexible snooze time settings (you can set any snooze time for each alarm);
-Ability to switch off / snooze alarm by shaking the phone;
- Emergency signal (if a melody is very calm or wasn't downloaded then the emergency signal will wake you). Please, set emergency signal in the main properties right after first run. You should do it just once;
-Flexible emergency signal time settings (you can set any time for each signal);
- Ability to set automatic switch off time (so the alarm will be automatically dissmised without your help);
- Beautiful night mode
If you like a melody that woke you up, then you can open alarm history (from the context menu, see "help" for more information) and find out the singer and even get a direct link to the whole version. In addition you can see your wake time so you can pick the most efficient category. If you are a singer and want to share your music with people just upload it to the catalogue on the website (
Make your mornings good...
and Good Morning!
keywords: alarm clock, timer, clock, alarm, night mode
例如,“放松”类别包含平静成分是什么让你的梦想和现实之间的平衡,“自然” - 唱的早晨小鸟,一只公鸡和一只猫头鹰的尖叫声......如果你睡得很“熊”,然后“Extream”是你的类别(但要小心,有些旋律是真的吓坏了:-)。和“经典”,“摇滚”,“流行”等类别为好。
- 灵活的暂停时间设置(可以设置任何暂停时间为每个报警);
- 紧急信号(如果一个旋律非常平静或没有下载那么紧急信号将唤醒你)。请第一次运行之后设置在主属性紧急信号。你应该这样做只有一次;
- 灵活的紧急信号时间设置(可以设置任何时间,每个信号);
- 能够设置自动关机时间(这样的报警器就会自动dissmised没有你的帮助);
- 美丽的夜间模式

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