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Planet Finder is an astronomy compass that renders the solar system planets around you (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!). It's a convenient tool to get a quick orientation of your night sky!It's extremely easy! Just launch the application and you'll instantly get an overview of where the planets are relative to your orientation. ”You're in the middle of the screen”, on earth, and the planets are plotted ”around” you relative to your orientation. If the planet is above the 'compass' ring and is highlighted it's visible for you! If the planet is below the compass ring toward the center of the earth it'll be shadowed and is below your horizon. The screen can be zoomed in and out. This is convenient when the planets are near each other, as is often the case for Mercury, Venus and Sun.With a simple touch on the screen you switch to a text view where all the planetary positions are listed. (direction, altitude and also the phase of the inner terrestrial planets and the moon)By touching a 'planet-item' in the list you can get further information about the planet. You'll be redirected to the planet wiki page that got all the latest information about the planet.(In the paid version, planet finder + you can also point your phone toward the sky and the application will magically switch to AR mode, (augmented reality mode)! Spot the planets through your mobile camera and why not take a snapshot and share it via facebook, email, twitter or mms? You can also see 3d textures of all the planets and nearly all their major moons! (In planet finder free version you can preview the texture of mars and its moons phobos and deimos!))If you have a new smart phone, you'll presumably have a gyroscope sensor in it. Planet finder makes use of this sensor (in combination with your accelerometer and magnetometer). This implies that planet finder responds quickly to your movements and provides you with stable image and accurate readings!
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