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SMS widget

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Notice: this sms widget is only supported by EZ Launcher, please install EZ Launcher first.It features:============Show sms on your home screen.Support write,copy,reply,delete,forword message.Quick action by click contact photo.Quick action for phone number / email / urlWhale message Widgets on Android work a bit differently than a normal application. Unlike regular programs they don't just install themselves in the application tray so you have to add them manually. They will not open or launch.Here's how to add a widget on your Android home screen.STEPS HOW TO ADD A WIDGET==========================1.On your Android home screen, tap any blank or “empty” area with size 4X4 and hold down your finger. 2.An “Add to Home screen” window will pop up. From that window, tap “EZ Widgets”. 3.You’ll be presented with a list of all the installed Widgets on your Android device. 4.Select the widget to add to your home screen by tapping it.Notes=====Show more message in widget will cost more phone memory.ROM users-> make sure the widget is NOT moved on SD card.Widgets are not supposed to be on SD card. Move it back to the phone storage.


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