MLG Soundoard Dewritos Edition

MLG Soundoard Dewritos Edition

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MLG Soundoard Dewritos Edition应用介绍:

This app is a funny and hilarious soundboard filled to the brim with many sounds used in montage parodies around Reddit and Youtube! Due to difficulties we will no longer support the older version.We made the original MLG Soundboard even more awesome! We included more sounds and made it better than before by injecting it with Crystal Dew!As always feel free to email us if you have an idea of a sound that should be imported!The app crashes sometimes if you play a bunch of sounds. We are aware of the problem, and a fix will be released soon. Keep sending the crash reports in case there is a different problem. This update / new app would not have been made without a new welcoming dev and I (Original dev) am greatly thankful!


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