Photo Grid Collage

Photo Grid Collage

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Photo Grid Collage is free application. Photo Grid Collage used to create beautiful photo collage by cutting pictures of your pair then inserted into the art grid frames, beautiful frames. Easy to create the desired plasticity photos with Photo Grid Collage app, only few operations as rotation, cropping, color image down, zoom in, zoom out, rotate the corners. The application has nearly 100 frames built to satisfy your creativity, outside the frame, beautiful frames Photo Grid Collage app also offers more than 1,000 stickers with 500 background, make sure the factors that would make your image shimmering, beautiful better. Want to share information, write something ... Photo Grid Collage app lets you enter text one most easily, adjust color, alignment, bold, italic ...Just download Photo Grid Collage to get the best pictureHighlights of the application Grid Photo Collage : + Nearly 100 art frames with style square frames + More than 1000 stickers, icons in many different type such as love, funny, troll .... + You can change the color frame, you like + Easily manage the objects in the same layer as the famous Photoshop software + Wallpaper extremely more + Insert the text easier unprecedented (change color, alignment, font, size) + Image quality HD and Full HD + Share photos via social networking Facebook, Google+, Twitter, GMS, SMS, Zalo, Gmail ... + Many special effects Photo Grid Collage keep your sweet memories in life!


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