FastBall 3

FastBall 3

- Android v5.x support!
- Fixed the delay of sound play occured on some devices.
- Improved performance.
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FastBall 3应用介绍:

Fastest ball in the planet, addicted by 5 million players, is back with it's 3rd installment and is now bigger, better and faster than ever. With this version, you'll have the ultimate FastBall experience with state of the art graphics, animation, music/SFX and new game mechanics such as gravity and
multi speed zones.
In FastBall, you control a rolling ball. In his way, there are many obstacles and his only ability is to jump. This is where he needs you, you'll make him jump by tapping the screen. With this simple mechanic, you'll journey through engaging areas in different game modes. 'Levels' is where you go through regular levels, a total of 90 of them spawned across 2 level packs. 'Marathon', as the name implies, are special levels with enormous sizes. This is where you'll test your skills to it's limits through 3 specially designed levels. More game modes are coming in the followings days...
Through your journey, you'll collect stars. Yellow stars are the regular ones and Blue stars are special which is equal to 5 Yellow stars. You'll be able to spend all those collected stars in the 'Store' section.
Store section is where you can spend your stars on different items to maximize your enjoyment. You can buy new themes to change the look of the game totally with your preference. Initially there are 3 themes which are 'Cartoon' (default), 'Futuristic' and 'Doodle'. Each theme also comes with it's unique music. Another thing you can buy is the 'Ball Types'. Now you can play the whole game with your preferred ball type. Initially, there are 8 different ball types including 'FastBall' (default), 'BasketBall', 'FootBall', 'BaseBall', 'BeachBall', 'FireBall', 'HippieBall' and 'TechBall'. Furthermore, you can also buy different features such as 'Tokens'. Tokens are used to skip any level you like. You'll earn them in every 10 level but if you feel you need more, you can buy them anytime. Look out for more items to be added in the future updates...
Feature list of FastBall 3 is as follows :
- A one tap easy mechanic addicted by millions of players.
- State of the art Graphics and animations.
- Marvellous soundtrack and SFX composed by industry leaders with specific tunes to each theme.
- Customization options including new themes, ball types and more.
- Global leaderboards and achievements through Swarm.
Thanks to everybody who made FastBall such a huge success and enjoy this ultimate experience.
最快的球在这个星球上,500万玩家上瘾的,是与它的第三期学费,现在更大,更好,比以往任何时候都更快。在这个版本中,你将有最终的快球经验的艺术图形,动画,音乐/ SFX,新的游戏机制,如重力状态
快球,你控制一个滚动的球。在途中,有许多障碍和他唯一的能力是跳跃。这是他需要你的地方,你会让他跳点按屏幕。有了这个简单的机械中,你会在不同的游戏模式旅程,通过接触区。 “水平”是你去哪里,通过定期的水平,共90人产生了在2个关卡包。 “马拉松”,正如其名称所暗示的,是特殊的水平,巨大的尺寸。这是在这里您可以测试你的技能的限制,通过专门设计的水平。更多的游戏模式在以下天...
- 丝锥易机械数以百万计的玩家沉迷。
- 国家最先进的图形和动画。
- 奇妙配乐和SFX组成的行业领导者,每个主题与特定的曲调。
- 自定义选项,包括新的主题,球种类多。
- 全球排行榜和成就通过群。

- Android v5.x support!
- Fixed the delay of sound play occured on some devices.
- Improved performance.

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