Educational Games For Kids

Educational Games For Kids

2.2 Fix Kitkat issues
Added the possibility to change the language by clicking on flag
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Numbers game for kids in English and Spanish, is a simple application that will get your children to learn playing with numbers, letters, colors, and also have fun solving puzzles with cute drawings. Preschool Basic Game. As you can see,they are simple puzzles, with assistance at the time of placing each piece in its proper place, so that the little ones will find easy to resolve and progress on the game
After solving each puzzle, a voice will identify at all times the result , thereby achieving the child relate each sound with its corresponding image. You will be able to check the child´s progress day by day and how he manages to learn and identify each of the sequences proposed in a short period of time. Perfect game for babies and toddlers, educational kid games and kids kindergarden games.
They can also play with them, using the button "spin", each issue appears again, followed by the number of drawings in this case, "turtle", as appropriate. Account turtles with them, see how they learn.
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2.2 Fix Kitkat issues
Added the possibility to change the language by clicking on flag

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