Simplified-Vietnamese Dic

Simplified-Vietnamese Dic

[V.1.1.0 Update March 4, 2015]
- Bug fix.
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Simplified-Vietnamese Dic应用介绍:

This is the language dictionary app for "Menu Translator" in order to translate from Simplified Chinese text to Vietnamese.
Have you experienced any difficulty reading menu while you are traveling?
Now you have a Solution!
Menu Translator shows you a translation of menus by just placing a Smartphone camera on top of the actual text that you want to translate.
Here is How it works:
1. Download the Menu Translator
2. Download the language dictionary you want to translate
3. Start the application and simply place a Smartphone camera in front of the text you would like to translate. AR translator with word recognition camera will do the rest.
It is that Easy!
Let’s try and experience on-the-go translation application.
And order right menu at the right time!
1) The accuracy will be affected if the font on the menu is uncommon, or too large or too small. It may not read properly if the menu names are too unique.
2) In the environment where it is too bright or too dark will reduce the accuracy of the Menu Translator.
3) Use of Menu Translator will NOT incur any data transmission fee for your phone, because this translation process does not require network connectivity.
4) Menu Translator can be used on any Smartphone or Tablet equipped with camera and running Android 2.3 or above.
*Hutchison 3 hk shall be the only mobile operator in Hong Kong which provides Menu Translator.

[V.1.1.0 Update March 4, 2015]
- Bug fix.

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