Japanese Translation Browser

Japanese Translation Browser

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Japanese Translation Browser应用介绍:

It's a web browser app with the best English-Japanese translation engine in Japan.

--How to Use This App
STEP1. Select the phrases you want to translate into Japanese
STEP2. Copy them to your clipboard
STEP3. Translated Japanese phrases will appear
STEP4. Copy, clip and share

--What You Can Do with This App
*Browse and search web pages just like normal web browser
*Translate while browsing Japanese web pages
*Copy, clip and share the phrases and URL
1. Tap "Copy" to copy on clipboard
2. Tap "Clip" to save the phrases in the app
3. Tap "Share" to post to Twitter/Facebook/Evernote/Mail/etc
*Add/Edit bookmarks like normal web browser
(5 Japanese web pages are set in bookmarks as default)
*Check history like normal web browser
*Check and share clipped phrases
*Choose from 5 font sizes
*When using other web browser app, such as Chrome, choose "Japanese Translation Browser" from the share menu and you will be able to open the page you are browsing immediately in "Japanese Translation Browser"

*This application uses English-Japanese/Japanese-English translation engines of "The Honyaku Enterprise", authorized by Toshiba Solutions Corporation.
*"The Honyaku Enterprise" is a trademark of Toshiba Solutions Corporation.


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