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A simple folder MP3 Music Player !
It's based on filenames and folders not on ID3 tag (now).
You can browse directories to choose your songs, you can create your playlists and play them.
Thank's everybody for the first 100.000 downloads !!!!!
Please, for bugs and suggestions send me an email before posting bad comments ;) I will try to solve them quickly and I can reply to you ! :)
It's not an mp3 downloader !
It's designed because I like to choose songs from dirs not from playlists and I hate scroll all dirs for finding an mp3 :).
Moreover, I need to loop on an interval A-B in a song and I want to step forward and backward of tot seconds in the same interval.
* show only directories with mp3 in dirlist (optional)
* equalizer with 5 bands ! (require Android 2.3 or newer)
* browse external sd with non-convetional path like S3 ("/mnt/extSdCard")
* show simple tabs to choose songs (compatible from Android 1.4 to 4.0.x !)
* filter file list in dirlist and in playlist
* playing in background
* list of songs in the same window of player
* filter the list of songs during playing
* step forward and backward of tot seconds
* configure seconds of the step
* make an A-B loop
* step forward and backward in A-B loop
* autocue: when a song ends, loads the next song but doesn't start (optional)
* always wake up: the screen it's always bright when the App is playing (optional)
* scroll filenames in dirlist and playlist to read the entire name (optional)
* set current song to ringtone (and after you can choose it like alarm)
* set multimedia volume from progress bar
* automatic "pause" on an incoming call or if you unplug or plug in headphones
* save and load A-B loops
* movement control
* fade out
* sleep timer
* headphone control
* mp3 info ID3
* showing mp3 cover
* widget and lockscreen widget
Require: Android 1.4 or later and an external storage (SD)
Tested: HTC Desire, Galaxy Next, Gio, Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4, Nexus 4/5, Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer Prime.
Possible problems in: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.
请为bug和建议发布差评之前给我发电子邮件;)我会尽力尽快解决它们,我可以给您回复! :)
它的设计,因为我喜欢选择不是从播放列表中显示目录的歌曲,我讨厌所有的滚动显示目录寻找一个MP3 :)。
*均衡器,5波段! (需要的Andr​​oid 2.3或更高版本)
*浏览外置SD与S3一样(“到/ mnt / extSdCard”)非convetional路径
* autocue:当歌曲结束,装载下一首歌曲,但不启动(可选)
* MP3 ID3信息
测试:HTC Desire的,银河接着,吉奥,银河S / S2 / S3 / S4,Nexus的4/5,Galaxy Tab的,华硕Transformer Prime的。
索尼爱立信Xperia X10:中可能出现的问题。


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