Scoreboard Tennis ++

Scoreboard Tennis ++

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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional scoreboard!Impress your friends!This is the perfect tool to keep track of the score of your games.This score board is designed for Tennis. To guest many sports, please visit our website: Actual available languages: - Alemán - Catalán (gracias a Enrique) - Checo - Chino - Español (gracias a Carlos) - Francés - Holandés - Húngaro - Inglés - Italiano - Polaco - Portugués - Romanian+ Actual features: - Movable on SD-Card - Sharing the score with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail, SMS..... - Editing of the name of the teams - Undo of last 20 changes - Sound for the end of the match, set, game - Memorization of information when exit the app - Italian design - Ready from 2.1 Android version to the newest - Ready for Phone and TabletComing soon: - More languages (Russian, Japanese....). Do not hesitate to suggest us other sports, games, languages or features onhttp://scoreboard.playfairplay.nethttp://www.playfairplay.net Tennis, Handball, Hand Ball, Pallamano, Basket, street basket, scoreboard, street sport, score board, score track, score mobile, score card, scorecard, marcador, basketball, volley, volleyball, beach volley, score keep, ping pong, tennis tavolo, table tennis


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