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Indian Rail Info

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Indian Rail Info gives you all the required information of Indian Railway.Indian Rail Info is one stop solution to get all the information of Indian Railway.This Application shows the following useful information.Check PNR Status----------------Using Indian Rail Info you can check your pnr status anytime.Simply enter the 10 digit PNR number it shows you the currect status of booked ticket.Seat Availability-----------------You can check seat availability of any train using this simple application.Just enter the from and to satation and get the seat availability.Train between Station---------------------Now find all the train running between two station. Simply enter from and to stationname and you have the train running between two station.Time Table----------Just enter the train number and you will get all the information of particular train.You will get the information:-Name of days train is running-All the station name where train goes with station code-Train departure and arrival time of all station-Train routeStation Search--------------In station search you get all the station name available in particular city.This helps you to know total number of station in a city with station full name and station code.Download now Indian Rail Info FREE....


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