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The top rated, full-featured and reliable iTunes remote. No computer download required. Control iTunes via Wi-Fi. Choose your favorite artists, genres, albums and playlists as if you're at your PC or Mac. Play music on your computer and AirPlay speakers, and adjust volume with total control. Rate tunes, add to Up Next and more. ? Browse by Artist, Genre, Album, Playlists? Adjust volume using phone controls? Select AirPort Express and AppleTV speakers? Adjust individual AirPlay volumes ? Long-press library items for advanced options? Rate tracks and view ratings? Add tracks to Up Next? Shuffle, repeat, repeat all ? Stay-connected/Wi-Fi auto-reconnect? Connect to multiple iTunes? Start Genius from current track? Search your iTunes library ? Tablet support? Home screen widget? Google TV support? Pro quality, easy to use See what others are saying: Try our free Trial version. 24 hour no-stress return policy. Google order number required with request. Requires iTunes 10 or 11 for Mac or Windows. Works on Android tablets and phones. Hyperfine Remote for iTunes works with Bubblesoft AirBubble for streaming audio to your device. It's a great companion to AirSync, TuneSync, iSyncr, DoubleTwist and other sync apps, as well as WinAmp, Slacker, Soundhound and other MP3 player, internet radio and recognition or lyrics apps. For users already remoting a PC, Hyperfine Remote for iTunes is tested to work alongside TeamViewer, PocketCloud, Gmote, Unified and other RDP, DACP, media and desktop remotes; and on Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Asus, LG and other popular smartphones and tablets. Buy the best, most reliable and compatible iTunes remote available for Android today, and start enjoying music all over again. iTunes, AirPort, AirPlay and AppleTV are trademarks of Apple Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 最精彩的,全功能的,可靠的iTunes遥控器。无需电脑下载。 控制iTunes通过Wi-Fi。选择你喜爱的艺术家,流派,专辑,播放列表,如果你在你的PC或Mac。在您的计算机和AirPlay的扬声器播放音乐,与总量控制和调节音量。率的曲调,上页下页更多。 ?浏览由艺术家,流派,专辑,播放列表?调节音量使用手机控制?选择AirPort Express和AppleTV的扬声器?调整个人AirPlay的卷 ?长按库项目的高级选项?评估跟踪和查看评级?将曲目添加到上一页下一页?随机播放,重复,全部重复 ?Stay-connected/Wi-Fi自动重新连接?连接到多个iTunes从目前的曲目开始天才?搜索你的iTunes资料库 ?平板支持?主屏幕小部件?支持谷歌电视?专业品质,易于使用 看看其他人都在说: 尝试我们的免费试用版。 24小时无压力的退货政策。谷歌需要与要求的订单号。 需要Mac或Windows的iTunes 10或11。适用于Android平板电脑和手机。 超精细的iTunes远程工作与Bubblesoft AirBubble流式音频设备。这是一个伟大的同伴AirSync,TuneSync,iSyncr,DoubleTwist的和其他同步的应用程序,以及Winamp的,散漫的,Soundhound和其他MP3播放器,互联网广播和承认或歌词的应用程序。 三星,HTC,摩托罗拉,华硕,LG和其他流行的智能手机的用户远程的PC,超精细的iTunes远程测试,TeamViewer,PocketCloud,Gmote,统一和其它RDP,DACP,媒体和台式机的遥控器一起工作;和片。 买最好的,最可靠,最兼容的iTunes遥控器可用于Android的今天,开始欣赏音乐一遍。 的iTunes,机场,AirPlay和AppleTV的是苹果公司的商标,其他商标均为其各自所有者的财产。






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