Wifi Hacker Toolkit 2014

Wifi Hacker Toolkit 2014

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This is the best android application to prank your friends that you can hack the Wi-Fi networks. This app is for making jokes with friends about hacking Wi-Fi networks.This is not harmful software, but it is very useful for fun and entertainment.Prank that you can unlock any protected WiFi network.Features and Usage:1. Application will search and analyze the Security, signal strength for available WiFi networks around you.2. Select an WiFi network you want to "hack".3. It will display security information such as SSID, WEP...4. After few seconds it will display the automated script password.5. Show and trick your friends that you have crack WiFi network and that you have password.Try it, it's fun and it's free! It is also a great gag for parties; you fool your neighbors and impress the ladies in the club!Please leave us positive feedback if you like our apps. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us first using the support e-mail inc.abele@gmail.com so that we may assist you in a resolution. Thank you and we hope you enjoying our apps.


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