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Ball Palz

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offline advertising-free soccermanager GameBe a soccer manager. Manage your own football team like fifa manager. No internet connection is required. No System permissions are required. Just gaming. Manage teams like in the premier league. This footballmanager is complete freeof advertising. Ball palz has following features:- 3 Leagues- choose favourite team- best lineup can be created automatically- players positions influence teams strength- different lineups can be chosen- differnet trainings can be chosen, which will influence form or Experience- see balance for complete season- see balance for current match day- 8 different stadium blocks- select individual prices for each block- increase stadium capacity for each block- stadium capacity will be more expensive depending on its size- select a sponsor, depending on success or basic bonus- change investment in youth- buy players from transfermarket- buy players from other teams- see statistics like league table, team stength, stadiums, visitors, revenue, net income, capital of all your rivals- watch short, extended or no animation of each game- KI-methods: your rivals invest in new players, stadium and youth too. Each team has an different focus.- random generated teams, stadiums- load and save the game state- setting up via drag & drop - mail/notification system - newspaper, which is created with events related to your clubthis is the light version, you can fully play a little bit more than a complete season. In the full version, you cann therefore select a team you want.
作者:Bastian Breit
系统:Android 2.1.x以上


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