My Xmas-Tree

My Xmas-Tree

Want to help inspire others? Now you can submit your best trees for a chance to feature it in the inspiration page!
Merry Christmas!
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My Xmas-Tree应用介绍:

- More than 500 decorations!
- Several trees and backgrounds and lighting options to choose from
- Endless unique design combinations possible!
- Choice of snowy outdoors or indoor backgrounds
- Easy drag-and-drop decorations can be rotated and scaled
- Set any of your creations as your wallpaper or live wallpaper
Who doesn’t love the ritual of decorating the Christmas tree? It’s a magical part of the most magical season. Now you can keep all the magic of Christmas-tree decorating right at your fingertips. Create Christmas tree designs you’ve only dreamed about or seen in department stores or magazines!
The app comes with hundreds of stunning bulbs and ornaments, indoor and outdoor backgrounds, and strands of garland and twinkling lights -- all right at your fingertips. Make thousands of unique designs. It’s so fun and easy to put your personality into each tree design. From whimsical to elegant, monochromatic to playful bright colors, 12 Days of Christmas to angel-themed trees – this Christmas tree design app will bring out your inner holiday decorator. In fact, you’ll inspire yourself to new heights of Christmas tree brilliance!
Spread your Christmas spirit in December and year-round, while you express your most creative side.
Curl up with a nice warm cup of cocoa or eggnog and let your ideas flow. Then share your decorated trees with friends and family. Trade design ideas, even challenge each other to contests. Like Christmas itself, My Xmas Tree is a wonderful experience for kids, teens, adults and seniors!
Share your decorated trees directly to your friends' Facebook walls
Works well on all size devices, but is best experienced on larger screens.
Merry Christmas!
PS! Help us make the My X Mas Tree app even better. Give us feedback by emailing
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- 超过500装饰!
- 一些树木和背景,灯光可供选择的方案
- 无尽的独特的设计组合的可能!
- 雪山户外或室内背景的选择
- 简单的拖放和下降的装饰可以旋转和缩放
- 设置任何你的创作为壁纸或动态壁纸
该应用程序自带的数百个令人惊叹的灯泡和装饰品,室内和室外的背景,和花环和闪烁的灯光股 - 一切就在你的指尖。让成千上万的独特的设计。它是如此有趣和容易把你的个性在每个树设计。从异想天开优雅,单色,以俏皮亮丽的色彩,12天使为主题的树天的圣诞 - 这圣诞树设计的应用程序会带出你内心的节日装饰。事实上,你会激发自己的圣诞树辉煌新的高度!

Want to help inspire others? Now you can submit your best trees for a chance to feature it in the inspiration page!
Merry Christmas!

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