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RecForge II

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RecForge II应用介绍:

RecForge II is a powerfull dictaphone (audio recorder & editor) for Android.
It allows to Record, Play, Edit and Share sounds, voices, notes, musics or any other audio media.
- Record meetings, rehersals, music learning, EVP, studio recording, ...
- Live monitor in preview or record mod (need a headset)
- Play and use the loop feature for memorization, actor lines, bible memory, recitations, ...
- Time stretching with playing rate and pitch adjustment (to practice an instrument or transcribe lectures, ...)
- Schedule recordings
- Skip silence (with threshold)
- Edit your audio files for ringtones, commentary, ...
- Tag your recordings and edit metadata
- Archive it using cloud storage services or share it with your friends by mail, social networks, soundcloud ...
Records to mp3, ogg, wma, flac and opus formats are interrupted every 3 minutes (there is no limit for the wav format). Simply press the pause button to continue recording or buy the pro version to remove this limitation.
RecForge Pro owners : As long as a legit RecForge Pro version is installed on your device, you shouldn't have the 3 minutes limitation.
Main features :
- Real-time recorder in mp3, ogg, wma, opus, flac and wav
- Real-time monitoring (with headset)
- Play, record, pause / resume, loop, convert, edit, concat, merge audio files, time strecth, adjust pitch tone, and playing rate ...
- Visualize audio signal (the only recorder on the Play store to display the right and left channels for stereo files)
- Edit your recording to keep only interesting parts or make basic arrangement
- Share your recordings
- Convert your files "from" and "to" all available audio format (mp3, ogg, wma, opus, flac and wav) with all desired settings (sample rate, bite rate, mono/stereo, ...)
- Choose your input (front microphone or back microphone)
- Use external microphone (3.5 jack : works with iRig Mic, iRig Cast, iRig Pre or RØDE smartLav+ microphones or requires a TRRS adapter. cf FAQ)
- Record in background even when the phone is locked
- Hide notifications to discretly record
- Powerfull file manager (rename, delete, copy, move, sort files...)
- Different widgets size (one click to record)
- Control RecForge from the notification bar
- Material design UI
Supported audio format :
- 8, 11, 12, 16, 22, 24, 32, 44 and 48kHz
- mp3, ogg, wma, opus, flac and wav
- from 32 to 320 kbps
- mono / stereo (mono x2) / "true stereo" (cf supported devices)
- 16bits
- Disable AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for better audio quality
- Manual gain adjustment
Language translations :
- Arabic,
- Catalan
- English,
- Finnish,
- French,
- German,
- Hungarian,
- Italian,
- Polish,
- Portuguese,
- Russian,
- Simplified Chinese,
- Spanish,
- Traditional Chinese,
- Turkich.
This application is related to these features : recorder, dictaphone, dictation, audio, voice, sound, speech, memo, rehearsal, tape, recording, pitch, tone, tempo, volume, stretch, time stretching, agc, trs, trrs, stereo, loop, editor, ringtones, external microphone, pause, resume, record, preview, gain, music, studio, concat, merge, convert, schedule, metadata, split, tag, RODE, smartlav, iRig.
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Permissions :
The IDENTITY Permission is requested for the app's "Invite a Friend" function.
INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions are requested for Ads and to log crashs of the application.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED permission is requested for the scheduling feature.
RecForge doesn't log any personnal informations.
RecForge II是一个功能强大的录音机(录音机和编辑器)为Android。
- 录制会议,rehersals,音乐学习,执行副总裁,录音棚录音,...
- 在预览或记录MOD现场监视器(需要耳机)
- 播放和使用循环功能的记忆,演员的线条,圣经记忆,背诵,...
- 时间伸缩摆弄率和俯仰调整(练习一个文书或录制讲座,...)
- 附表录音
- 跳过沉默(与阈值)
- 编辑您的音频文件铃声,评论,...
- 标签您的录音和编辑元数据
- 使用云存储服务将其存档,或与您的朋友通过电子邮件,社交网络分享,soundcloud ...
主要特点 :
- 实时记录在MP3,OGG,WMA,巨著,FLAC和WAV
- 实时监控(耳机)
- 播放,记录,暂停/恢复,循环,转换,编辑,CONCAT,合并音频文件,时间strecth,调整音调,和播放率...
- 可视化(在Play商店的唯一记录,以显示立体声文件的左,右声道)音频信号
- 编辑你的记录只保留有趣的部分或作出基本安排
- 分享您的录音
- “从”转换文件和“为”所有可用的音频格式(MP3,OGG,WMA,巨著,FLAC和WAV),支持所有必要的设定(采样率,比特率的,单声道/立体声,...)
- 选择你的输入(前置麦克风或背面麦克风)
- 使用外接麦克风(3.5插口:可与IRIG麦克风,IRIG演员,IRIG前或RØDEsmartLav +麦克风或需要TRRS适配器CF常见问题。)
- 记录在后台甚至当手机被锁定
- 隐藏通知discretly记录
- 强大的文件管理器(重命名,删除,复制,移动,排序文件...)
- 不同的部件尺寸(点击记录)
- 从通知栏控制RecForge
- 材料设计的用户界面
- 8,11,12,16,22,24,32,44和48kHz的
- 从32到320 kbps的
- 单声道/立体声(单声道×2)/“真立体声”(CF支持的设备)
- 16位
- 禁用AGC(自动增益控制)以获得更好的音质
- 手动增益调整
- 阿拉伯,
- 加泰罗尼亚语
- 英语,
- 芬兰,
- 法国,
- 德语,
- 匈牙利,
- 意大利,
- 抛光,
- 葡萄牙语,
- 俄语,
- 简体中文,
- 西班牙,
- 繁体中文,
- Turkich。
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