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Wheebee Chinese Dictionary & Flashcards

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This Android app contains a huge English Chinese, French Chinese and German Chinese dictionary, each containing more than 100 000 entries with text-to-speech support. You can also use Chinese flashcards (HSK, TOCFL and many textbooks vocabulary premade wordlists available) to practise how to read and write Chinese characters. All features are for FREE.Chinese dictionary features:☆ English Chinese dictionary 103 000 entries, based on CC-CEDICT; French Chinese dictionary 123 000 entries, based on CFDICT; German Chinese dictionary 149 000 entries, based on HANDEDICT☆ text-to-speech for any part of the dictionary entry, choose from various types of voices☆ choose if the Chinese dictionary should show simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese or both☆ use English / French / German (automatic conversion of special characters, e.g. searching "chateau" will find "chateau"), pinyin (with or without tones, no need for spaces), zhuyin or Chinese characters to find the translation☆ Chinese dictionary searches as you type☆ Chinese characters colored accordingly to the tones☆ full support of zhuyin (注音)☆ speech recognition function (for both English / French / German and Chinese)☆ Chinese dictionary database can be saved to an external memory card☆ copy any part of the Chinese dictionary entry to the clipboard☆ import any word to your Chinese flashcards☆ highlighting of the searched string in returned entries☆ automatic detection of the translation (Chinese → English / French / German or English / French / German → Chinese)☆ supports both landscape and portrait modes☆ supports both traditional and simplified Chinese, so it is suitable for both mainland China and Taiwan Chinese flashcards features:☆ practise writing, reading or nouns…... 展开
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