Zombie skull free

Zombie skull free

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僵尸头骨旋转dangerousely在屏幕上。 僵尸头骨活壁纸 - 比以往任何时候都让你的Android散热器 - 可怕!一个动人的,刺骨的,可怕的头骨漂浮所有周围的背景,因为你通过浏览您最喜爱的应用程序。不过,要小心,消失在黑暗中,并再次出现,当你至少预期 - 所以,保持你的手指安全! 下载后,你不需要互联网连接,享受应用。此应用程序将无法从互联网上下载视频和浪费你的带宽或烦扰你的广告。一旦下载和享受,直到永远。 如何安装: 一旦你已经下载这个活的壁纸图标将不会出现在您的主屏幕。要激活的应用程序和访问设置,点击“菜单”按钮,选择“壁纸”,然后选择“即时壁纸”。向下滚动到现场壁纸图标,然后按“选择”墙纸“,以激活应用程序。 Zombie skull rotating dangerousely on your screen. The zombie skull live wallpaper will make your Android cooler – and scarier – than ever! A moving, biting, scary skull will float all around the background as you’re browsing through your favorite apps. Be careful, though, it disappears in the dark, and reappears when you least expected – so keep your fingers safe! After the download you don't need internet connection to enjoy the application. This application will not download videos from the internet and waste your bandwidth or annoy you with ads. Download once and enjoy for ever. HOW TO INSTALL: Once you have downloaded this live wallpaper the icon will not appear in your homescreen. To activate the application and access the settings, tap on the "Menu" button, select "Wallpapers", then select "Live Wallpapers". Scroll down to the live wallpaper icon and press "select wallpaper" to activate the application.


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