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Subway CA

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** Exclusively for SUBWAY® restaurants in California! **Check our demo video at is the most amazing ordering app that exists! It is the only app that truly emulates the unique Subway experience.Don't stand in line... Order Online! You can now place your order online and have it ready when you get to your SUBWAY®.*FEATURES:*Select the nearest Subway location that takes smartphone orders*Build your sandwich, your salad or your breakfast the way you like it.*You can see every sandwich in mouth-watering detail*Review the nutritional information on each sandwich*Watch the calories and the price change as you build your sandwich.*See the nutritional information in detail on your custom sandwich*Toast your sandwich*Build your own combo meal* Share your cart with other users to allow them to bump their orders over. Great for group orders!!!*Locate any Subway in the US with address, phone number and driving directions (ordering is exclusive to California)*Pay cash or with credit card (certain store may not support credit card)*Any specials or discounts are applied automatically!TIPS:*Save your favorite sandwiches in your favorites*Repeat past orders with one tap*If you are registered, we will remember your informationGiant Subs and kids meals support coming soon!** PATENT PENDING **We would love to get your feedback to improve this app at:


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