WKRG Radar

WKRG Radar

-Fix for daily forecast page date display bug
-General bug fixes
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Never let the weather catch you by surprise again. The trusted weather experts at First Alert Weather deliver Mobile, Pensacola, and the Gulf Coast's most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and for the week ahead. Unlike other weather apps, you'll get a local forecast that is customized for you.
Download the WKRG Weather app for fast, accurate local and national weather at your fingertips. With its personal alert notifications, you'll know when significant weather is heading your way and when to take cover. And when you are traveling, use WKRG Weather to get real-time weather forecasts, interactive radar and current conditions for anywhere in the U.S.
The WKRG Weather app utilizes the most advanced radar maps, weather and digital technology available. With its easy to use interactive radar, you can take control and see where the storm is now and where it is tracking. Then, set customized alerts to keep you and your family informed and safe.
- Live interactive radar with many layering options lets you track the storms around you
- Alerts for severe weather go to your home screen and cue an audio alert
- The most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and week ahead for Mobile, Pensacola, and the Gulf Coast
- The latest video forecast from First Alert Weather
- Current weather conditions for Mobile, Pensacola, and the Gulf Coast and anywhere in the United States
- Share the weather conditions via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter
- You can set multiple custom locations to track forecasts, alerts, radar, and more
- 有许多分层选择现场互动雷达可以跟踪你周围的风暴
- 警报恶劣天气去你家的屏幕和提示声音警报
- 最准确小时逐小时,第二天提前一周进行移动,彭萨科拉,以及墨西哥湾沿岸预测
- 从第一个警报天气的最新的视频预测
- 移动,彭萨科拉,以及墨西哥湾沿岸和美国的任何地方目前的天气状况
- 分享通过短信,电子邮件,Facebook或Twitter上的天气状况
- 您可以设置多个自定义位置来追踪预测,预警,雷达,多

-Fix for daily forecast page date display bug
-General bug fixes

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