[Version 1.9.5]
- Fix donation detecting problem
- Fix notification showing problem
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WebSnap essentially lets you take a snapshot of any web page or part of a page and display it on your Android home screen with a refresh interval of your choice. This can come really handy for any news or sports story you are following, an online cam feed enjoy glancing at every now and then, or just about any piece of info from the interwebz that you want to keep an eye on. (Haroon Q. Raja - XDA Developers)
Main functions:
- Clip webpage region and put it on your homescreen as Web Widget.
- Web Widget is refreshed automatically to update the content as your choice
- Support scrollable widget for 2.x/3.x/4.x Android OS
- Support smart scroll to the tapped region on widget
- Share widget snapshot to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Cloud...
- Capture whole webpage as a high quality picture
- Capture a selected region on a webpage, eliminate unnecessary regions.
- Support capture webpage with zoom for very high resolution snapshot.
- Manage your snapshots and sharing snapshots.
*******Known Issues***********
- Some website layout may not be captured successfully in Android 2.3 or lower
- Selecting a web region may not work correctly in some JavaScript webpages
Tags: Website Widget, Webpage Widget, Web Observer, Web watcher, Web snap, Web clipper, Web Capture, Web Snapper, Save Web, Web Snapshot
接近网页基本上是让你把任何网页的页面或部分的快照,并与您选择的刷新间隔Android主屏幕上显示。这可真的来方便的你是以下任何新闻或体育报道,在线凸轮饲料享受现在,然后在每一眼,或者只是从要留意的interwebz任何一块的信息。 (哈龙问:拉贾 - XDA开发者)
- 剪辑网页区域,并把它放在您的主屏幕为Web部件。
- 网络小工具,将自动刷新来更新内容,你的选择
- 支持滚动部件2.x/3.x/4.x Android操作系统
- 支持智能滚动条到插件的挖掘区域
- 分享小部件快照到Facebook,Twitter,电子邮件,云...
- 捕获整个网页作为一个高品质的图片
- 捕捉网页上的选定区域,消除不必要的地区。
- 支持捕捉网页与变焦非常高的分辨率快照。
- 管理你的快照和快照共享。
- 一些网站的布局可能不会成功的Andr​​oid 2.3或更低抓获
- 选择一个网络区域可能无法在一些JavaScript的网页正常工作

[Version 1.9.5]
- Fix donation detecting problem
- Fix notification showing problem





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