Right Track: Metro North

Right Track: Metro North

Version 3.2.1 - 3.2.2:
Minor Bug Fixes:
- Update to MTA Service Status URL
- Highlight SLE trains in Station Tables
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Right Track: Metro North应用介绍:

NEW! Right Track: Metro North now includes SHORE LINE EAST schedules!
NEW! Track numbers and statuses for trains departing Grand Central Terminal up to 3 hours in advance!
Right Track: Metro North provides full offline schedule searches (no data connection required!) combined with real-time track numbers and status updates that inform you of delays, cancellations and schedule changes, as they happen.
• Trip Searches (offline, no data connection required)
• Real-Time Status and Track Information
• Transfer Searches (available as an upgrade)
• Station Tables (train status and track numbers)
• Line Status (system-wide delays and schedule changes)
• MTA Status (including NYC Subway and Buses)
• In-app Schedule Updates
• Line Map
• Fare Information
• Favorites
• Trip Alarms (available as an upgrade)
• Trip Sharing (available as an upgrade)
• Home screen widgets (available as an upgrade)
The app offers extended features that are available to purchase as in-app upgrades:
• Ad Removal - $0.99
• Transfer Searches - $0.99
• Widgets - $0.99
• Other: Alarms, Trip Sharing - $0.99
• All of the above - $2.50
Explanation of Permission Requests:
• Access Network State: Determine if your device has a data connection
• Internet: Required to access real-time status information and displaying ads
• Write External Storage: Needed for backup of settings and storage of map tiles
• Wake Lock: Used by the travel alarms to turn the screen on when an alarm starts
• Vibrate: Used by the travel alarms
• Read Phone State: Used to verify upgrades against the device ID (the device ID is not logged or sent anywhere, but is used to generate a one-way hash for license keys)
• Location: only used when you request the closest station
•广告移除 - 0.99美元
•转让搜索 - 0.99美元
•部件 - 0.99美元
•其他:报警,跳闸分享 - 0.99美元
•以上所有的 - 2.50美元

Version 3.2.1 - 3.2.2:
Minor Bug Fixes:
- Update to MTA Service Status URL
- Highlight SLE trains in Station Tables

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