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Pixel Artist

Version 1.3.4:
- new premium effect added
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Pixel Artist应用介绍:

We would like to present you Pixel Artist – the fastest and the greatest fun camera app currently available. Have you ever dreamed about playing with pixels? Camera effects which are available in our application give you an unique opportunity to become an artist for a moment.
Apply various real time effects wherever you are and whenever you want. Tune your world the way you wish with the best comic, cartoon, paper and sketch - like filters (and many more! i.e. neon). You can totally modify them and create your own customized sets - play with different overlays, borders, effects parameters and add them to favorites. It is almost impossible to test out all the combinations! You will also find a great number of predefined (recommended) sets. Check them out under the “star” button.
In Pixel Artist you have a possibility to edit photo after you have taken it. This makes achieving stunning photo effects easier.
You also can load your own pictures. However, we charge a small amount of money to unlock this feature and some effects. It helps us to support the app and to give you the best possible user experience. We hope you will understand it.
The most amazing camera app is at your fingertips! So what are you waiting for? Get it now!
If you have any ideas how to improve our app or you are encountering any problems, please let us know. Customer service is what we care about the most.
If you have bought additional features in our app and you are having any issues with them, contact us for a refund. If you do this within 12 hours we won’t ask any questions.
Terms of service:
We reserve the right to anyonymously track and report user's activity inside our app. It helps us to improve overall quality of the application and to maintain crashes as fast as possible.
我们想向您介绍像素艺术家 - 最快,最大的乐趣就是相机目前可用的应用程序。你有没有想过玩像素?这是在我们的应用程序的摄像效果,给你一个独特的机会,成为一个艺术家了一会儿。
适用于各种实时效果,无论你在哪里,只要你想。调整你的世界你希望的方式最好的漫画,卡通,纸和素描 - 过滤器(以及更多!即霓虹灯)。你完全可以对其进行修改,并创建自己的定制套 - 一起玩不同的覆盖,边框,效果参数,并把它们添加到收藏夹。这几乎是不可能测试出所有的组合!你还会发现大量的预定义集(推荐)。根据检查出来的“明星”按钮。
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Version 1.3.4:
- new premium effect added

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