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'Match Pairs' is a memory game to quickly find the pairs of cards given.From the game start, you can't see the pictures of the cards, and is required memory with improvisation.This game can choose three game levels (Easy, Normal, Hard) depending on its difficulty.You can use wood skin by default, and 3 game themes, and can set the interesting spiral effect on the menu screen.You can enjoy the game as the 'Play' mode and 'Challenge' mode.'Play' mode without a time limit, can select any combination of difficulty,themes, and card array.But, 'Challenge' mode can play with selectable themes, fixed card array depending on the difficulty(Easy - 3x2 , Normal - 4x6, Hard - 6x6) in a given period of time.Scoreboards will display results of the games in two ways.After the game end, Top 10 players results displayed with scores in 'Play' modeThe 'Challenge' mode game separately displayed the result of Top 3 players of each difficulty level with game play time.You can see the result of the game by pressing the scores button.Game data will automatically saved.FEATURES (free version)★ 3 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard)★ Wood skin (more skins in full version)★ 3 card configurations (3x4, 4x6, 6x6)★1 interesting spotlight effects on menu screen (more effects in full version)★ 3 game themes (more themes in full version)★ contents according to the difficulty★2 different game modes (Play, Challenge)★2 kinds of scoreboard apply★2 kinds of music selectable★ automatically generated player name on scoreboard, player name editable after game play)★ various settings (music & sound volume control ,vibration function)★ automatically game data saveNote : This game is optimized for the WVGA and HD Support





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